1. Protecting Business Interests

Presentation of the vision and position of the company as members of the Association in the bodies of state authorities and administrations of various levels, non-governmental organizations and associations, as well as in relations with relevant foreign organizations.

Protection of the rights and interests of the members of the Association, including against illegal actions of the relevant administrative, supervisory and other bodies in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.


2. Business Opportunities

Participation in support of educational activities, training of qualified personnel and advanced training of specialists in the field of software development, information technology and services to gain access to talented personnel.

The possibility for individuals working in the field of software development to get recommendations for business legalization


3. Business Networking

Joining the platform to address issues relevant to the IT business. Accessing key local and international contacts and resource.

Participation in various industry events, including contests, competitions, forums, conferences, etc

Participation in the Association mailing list and the primary reception of information about orders, tenders and foreign events in the field of software development

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Finance Soft

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Software development

Mad devs

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Software development


Software development


Software development


Software development

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