Protecting Business Interests

By actively participating in the rule-making and social activities, KSSDA protects the legitimate interests of entrepreneurs and contributes to the creation of a favorable investment climate in the country.



KSSDA conducts an independent analysis of the state and development prospects of the IT sector in Kyrgyzstan.


Contact Network Expansion

Mailing list of KSSDA members and partners helps to unite the business community, the public sector and other interested parties.



IT Academy

In 2016, KSSDA, with support of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan, established an IT Academy, to provide practical knowledge within a year for successful work in IT.

The one-year course of study includes the necessary core knowledge and skills that are most in demand in the labor market.

Talented guys and girls, focused on gaining real practical skills and ready to market requirements, pass through the selection process. IT Academy also develops cooperation with other providers of educational IT services and contributes to the improvement of the IT education system.

Social projects


Programming without Barriers

People with special needs in Kyrgyzstan often have few opportunities in the labor market. According to official data, there are 3% of people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan, but in fact the number is 15% or higher. In Kyrgyzstan, the national quota for employing PWDs at work is 5%, but this requirement has proven to be ineffective.

The need to provide opportunities for people with special needs has reached a critical point. The “Programming without barriers” project , implemented by KSSDA with support of the European Union, offers an intensive IT training program for young people (15-30 years old) with disabilities, which will subsequently enable them to find a job in the IT field.


Girls in IT

The “Programmer Ayimdar” project is implemented with support of the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. The goal of the project is to expand the economic opportunities of girls and women through the training of practical skills in the field of IT.

This project will teach participants programming and leadership skills through IT academy based in Bishkek. The project trains 40 participants from 15 to 37 years old from all regions of the country.